Maid Cafe Magical Twintail
A Pure Entertainment
Maid Cafe in Akihabara

Lots of Kawaii is waiting for you.

Maid Cafe Culture that you want to try in Akihabara when you come to Japan.

Maid Cafe Magical Twintail

Maid Cafe Magical Twintail is an entertainment cafe where apprentice wizard maids serve you. Maid cafes originated in Akihabara and later diversified into various styles and are popularly known as concept cafes. At Maid Cafe Magical Twintail, maids are always waiting for their masters and ladies to come home in a residence with full of cuteness, so please spend a pleasant time with maids after a hard day's work, during Akibahara trip alone or with friends.

Extraordinary Residence

This is the residence where apprentice wizart came from Magic Kingdom serving as a maid. Maid-sans are charging their magical power by serving masters to become an archwizard.



Hourly charge: JPY770 (includes tax)
Please order at least one drink every hour

Instax Photo

your Instax Photo with Maid-san.
It's a only one photo for your visit memory.

price : starts from JPY1100

Wifi is available

We provide unlimited free Wifi with high speed internet connection.
Take photo, movie and share!
*You can only take photo/movie yourselves and things on your table

AC 100Volt

We have 100AC power outlet. Please bring Japanese plug.

A Tiny Live Show

On special event day such as Maid-san's birthday special serving day, Valentines's day, Etc. Maid-san performs mini live.

Cashless payments available

We take cash, credit cards, Electric Money, QR Code payments methods. 


Soft drinks, Alcohol beverages, Eye-pleasing cocktails, etc.

Attractive foods

Advanced Moe Culture

Moe(萌え) is a feeling on someone/something cute, vulnerable, comes from Japanese animation, Otaku Culture. Maid cafe is also tracing the outline of Moe.
We also provide you with a lot of fun!

Let have fun together!

You can enjoy such an extraordinary experience in Maid cafe.

For example, Maid-san put a magic to your dish together with you to make it more attractive!